What are the steps in making an investment

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PeerPower will inform registered investors before a listing becomes available. You will receive the details of the listing, listing time, and prospectus, through your e-mail inbox, Line Official Account, and PeerPower mobile application. 

Investment on the PeerPower platform operates in 3 stages: 

Stage 1: Commitment Period 

  • At the listing time, the listing will become available on the platform. Investors need to log into the system to make an investment on the “Invest” or “Marketplace” page. At this step, you will need to specify the amount of money you want to invest, but do not need to make a payment yet.
  • You can change the investment amount or cancel the investment while in the Commitment Period. 
  • When the listing receives investment orders of 80% of the fundraising goal, it will enter stage 2. 

Stage 2: Subscription Period 

  • Investors who have made an investment commitment will be notified via e-mail, mobile app notification (You can configure the notification setting in the PeerPower application.), and SMS to make a payment for the committed amount.  
  • You will then need to make the payment within 12 hours after the listing enters its Subscription Period. Otherwise, your order will be automatically canceled.

During the Subscription Period, if you cancel your investment, or if it was canceled because of late payment, please be aware that you will not be able to make any other investment in this particular bond or equity for another 6 hours after the cancellation.

Stage 3: Log-up Period

  • This phase occurs during the 2 days or 48 hours prior to closure of crowdfunding. 
  • During this period, investors cannot cancel their purchase order, or make any further investment in the bond, and all waitlist will be canceled.
  • If there are orders committed but not paid within the deadline, they will be automatically canceled, resulting in a reduction of funding progress and available space for interested investor to invest further.

    Once you have made the payment, the investment is considered completed. You will receive returns on the investment directly in your registered bank account at the times specified in the repayment schedule of the listing. You can track the returns of your investment portfolio through PeerPower website and mobile application.

PeerPower investment status:

1. Committed: Once investor commit to subscribe to a security successfully, Investor will get confirmation email.

2. Payment pending: Investor is required to proceed to payment within 48 hours after the listing enters its subscription period.

3. Waitlist: During subscription period, if the commitment reach 100%, investors can queue as a waitlist. If some orders are canceled, the queue will be automatically run according to the waitlist. 

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